Ministers of the Eucharist

Special ministers of the Eucharist distribute Holy Communion at

  • the parish's 7 Sunday Masses
  • the Monaghan General Hospital on Sundays and Fridays

Some attend the homes of those sick and housebound.

The current cohort of special ministers of the Eucharist recruited and commissioned in Autumn 2009 will serve on the rota until September 2013. They are divided into 3 main groups, each responsible for the distribution of Holy Communion on the Sundays of particular months;

  • GROUP 1: January, April, July & October
  • GROUP 2: February, May, August & November
  • GROUP 3: March, June, September and December

The parish is committed to excellence in the ministry of a special minister of the Eucharist.


Gerardine Heaphey

Fr. John Chester


Commissioning New Ministers

The new rota of special ministers of the Eucharist will take place at the Vigil Mass in the Cathedral on Saturday 3rd October at 7pm.

It is intended to renew the rota of Eucharistic Ministers at Ardaghey. As soon as that is completed the St. Joseph's weekday rota will be revised and updated.